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Description: Megan is a young and hard working girl. Her schedule keeps her busy, so she is always looking for good help cleaning her home. Her previous hire was not meeting her expectations, so she sets a time and date for her next possible house cleaner. After she lays down a few ground rules, Gina says she is ready to start that same day. Megan quickly notices how diligently Gina is working. She kindly offers her to take a break and to feel free to use her shower if she needs to do so. Megan leaves to tend to her work - hearing the shower - she curiously takes a peek and finds Gina peeing in the shower. This really turns Megan on, and she squats for a piss out of Gina's line of sight. Before wrapping up the day for Gina, Megan confesses that she witnessed Gina peeing and that it is something that she has always found highly erotic. She asks Gina, if by chance, she would like to pee on her. Gina gladly fulfills Megan's request - but there's more than just sharing that fantasy together for the girls - and they begin kissing before venturing into more than Megan or Gina could've ever imagined. No area is off limits as the girls pee on their feet, lick at their streams, and flaunt their best poses in their fun-filled romp.

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