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Laundry day for Cassidy, Kylie, Vera

Description: Cassidy, Kylie, Vera and I went to the laundromat to do some laundry - nobody ever goes to this one so its a perfect location to be naughty and fool around while nobody is in there with us! We took off our clothes and put them in the wash with the rest of our stuff and messed around and had a bit of fun while it was washing. After we put the clothes in the dryer we got dressed and planned on going out for a bit - that was until Kylie forgot her phone and we came back to some creep sniffing our panties! He had a camera with him and it had pictures and videos of us naked on it - so we did the same to him, stripping him naked and taking pics of him! Vera dared us to suck his cock so we did! Cassidy and I filled our mouths with his cock and made it nice and hard for her pussy! Cassidy got fucked hard in a bunch of different positions by his huge dick before we got on our knees received his load!

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