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Step daughter and her friends

Description: This week we got a video submission from a father creeping on his step daughter and her friends while they had a sleepover! He was spying on them around the corner when they got home from school, listening to them talk shit about boys and listening to Jessie talk shit about him! Then he follows them into her bedroom and watches them get undressed into their pajamas. When they were taking a nap that's when he made his move and snuck into the room, took out his cock and started messing with the sleeping teens! First, he gently fucked Karma’s mouth, then he went to Nickey and fingered her tight twat before giving it a taste with his mouth! Finally it was his step daughter, Jessie’s turn - he played with her pussy and sucked on her nipples a little before trying to put his cock in her mouth. After he tried that she woke up - at first she was skeptical but then she tells him to fuck her! He pounds into his teen step daughters tight cunt without waking up her friends and sprays his load all over Jessie’s cute face! Hopefully her mom never finds out...

Source: NxGx


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